The Best Chocolate Cake Recipe.

Last year, I found this chocolate cake recipe and was singing its praises from the rooftops. It's relatively easy, moist (sorry), and has such a silky icing. But now, all that has changed. Stupid cake! Garbage cake! You know nothing, Jon-Snow-Cake!


Beach Towels.

What kind of towel do you use for the beach? After a week of 30-degree weather, we've had a bit of a cold snap around here, so I'm daydreaming of sunny day accessories...


Portugal Packing List.

Well, we're wrapping up our Portugal adventure, and I have to tell you: I *almost* crushed packing. I learned some lessons from last year's trip to Ireland, and I think I'm getting even closer to the perfect, minimal packing list.

If you love lists (and packing light) as much as I do, please proceed...


Best Breakfast in Porto.

Before we even start, I should tell you: we only ate breakfast out twice over the two weeks we were in Porto, and both times were at the same café. Also, the food was pretty good, but not amazing. I'm throwing around the word "best" with a bunch of damn impunity. But stay with me...


Have a Great Weekend!

It's hard to believe, but our two weeks in Porto are coming to an end. On Sunday, we depart for Lisbon. Happily, we'll be meeting up with one of my oldest friends, musician extraordinaire, Zubin Thakkar, who happens to be on a Lisbon tour stop with this guy. Transatlantic friendship, y'all!

If you're looking for some Internet, here's what I've been reading this week...

A homemade toner I'm going to try when I get home (I tried ACV on its own, but Dane judged my vinegary face each night in bed...)

A series I'm loving: Friday Five

Tokyo daydreams

I can't decide, is this movie a yes or a no? (Sidenote: we saw this movie a few weeks ago - weird and worth a watch)

10 things

I'd go to this party

Are you a poet and you know it? Enter this!

Electric Confetti

Let's go to Oslo

A great piece on empathy in the online world


Fear of Flying.

How do you feel about flying? I am a bad traveler in general, but flying causes a special kind of stress.

My stress is less related to a fear of heights, and more connected to anxiety/motion sickness/mild claustrophobia. It's a vicious cycle: I get a bit motion sick, I worry about being motion sick, the worry about being sick makes me more sick. Ad nauseum (add nausea).

We experienced some vomit-inducing turbulence en route to Ireland last year, so my stress about flying to Portugal was heightened. I don't see flying as a miracle of modern technology. I see it as being trapped for 8 hours in a cramped death tube.

That said, I do have some strategies that help with my particular brand of flying fear...


Happy Weekend!

We're closing in on our first week in Portugal, and it's been lovely so far. Porto is such a beautiful, vibrant city. In honour of upcoming summer adventures, here are some good travel-related links from around the web:

The best Airbnbs in Cuba (one of the locales we're dreaming about)

Is this the best U.S. road trip ever?

This graphic novel travelogue looks sweet (check out a preview here)

Perfect travel notebook

Eco-friendly (and beautiful) hotels

Gunther, Christine, and Otto. What a story.

Travel scratch map

National Geographic Traveler photo contest winners

Time travelers (my parents did this with Barbies when we were kids - ha)

An Iceland elopement

Happy weekend!