Best Gin Cocktails.

Summer time is the best drinking time - sunny skies

P.S. Even though I would describe myself as a moderate drinker, I'm trying to be conscious about this advice - patio drinking, brunch mimosas, it's a wonderful, health stay healthy, friends!

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Happy Weekend!

It's Friday and this painting has me daydreaming about a summer getaway. Dane and I will be heading west to the mountains in August, but for now, I'm hiding inside from the oppressive heat! If you're doing your weekend travel through a computer screen like me, here are a few fun things to check out:

Adult friendship (ha)

My new favourite thing is learning other people's morning routines


Are these back? I loved these in the early-90s and was mortified by them by the late-90s...

Lovely serving dish

This article makes me miss having a pup around

For the love of Toronto

Contemplating our 2017 travels

I've requested that Dane make this someday

In celebration of an epic 6th season

(Image by Eric Roux-Fountaine via Colossal - doesn't it remind you of Grand Riviere by Peter Doig?)


Instagram Five: Modern Macramé.

Last weekend at the cottage, Dane's brother told us that he'd recently taken up macramé. Macramé - like many handicrafts - is experiencing a revival (i.e., it's not the owl wallhangings of yesteryear). Inspired by Braden, this week's Instagram Five features my modern macramé picks:


Happy Weekend!

Finally Friday! Dane and I are spending a couple of days at the cottage with family. Unfortunately, the weather is shaping up to be a bit stormy, so I'll likely be curling up with a book. In the spirit on sunshine, here are some summery picks to take you into the weekend...

Wouldn't you love to take a dip in this technicolour pool?

cute little radio for summer tunes

Should you check your email? (A good reminder for me)

Love is like an unfamiliar shower

My new fave face lotion (cruelty-free + Canadian!)

My desert island album, forever and always

Wouldn't this be an amazing place for a weekend escape?

Pretty necklace

I've been re-binge watching this web series

Yes, this.

Happy weekend 

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Cottage Read: Close to Hugh.

I stopped by Words Worth Books today to scoop up a cottage read for the weekend. I landed on Giller longlister, Close to Hugh by Marina Endicott.

The book opens with Hugh Argylle falling from a ladder, leaving him with a fractured vision of his life, the lives of his friends, and the various crises that they are currently dealing with (losing parents, faltering marriages, etc.). From what I can glean, the book moves between his friends and their children, exploring two generations' comings-of-age.

In the years since turning 30, I find myself increasingly interested in contemporary literary explorations of aging (particularly with protagonists in their 30s and 40s, although Hugh is a bit older). Can you recommend other titles in this vein?

Happy reading!

P.S. As an additional bonus, the book is now out in paperback :)


Best Travel Souvenirs.

When I was in Ireland last year, I had it in my mind that I would buy a teapot as a souvenir. We found a tiny pottery shop in the woods that was the perfect place to pick one up. However, we were at the start of our trip, and the idea of lugging the teapot around for two weeks seemed daunting, so I passed. (I did buy a little spoon/teabag-rest for my cuppas which fit snugly in my luggage).

While I had dreams of buying beautiful (matching, for love) woolen sweaters from the shops in Dingle, our big trip purchase ended up being an Aran blanket in blues and greens and browns. We continued the textile trend this year in Portugal by buying a navy rug at the LX Factory market in Lisbon. We also bought a print at Ó! Galeria in Porto.

Even though I think comestibles make great souvenirs, they aren't always allowed. Hilariously, we got in trouble at customs and had to throw out a delicious Portuguese sausage that we were trying to bring home. FYI, you can bring sausage into Canada from Italy, but not Portugal. Lesson: honesty never pays...

I don't like clutter, so snow globes and magnets are out. What are your favourite travel souvenirs?

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What I'm Reading Lately.

My current reads are two vastly different picks...

First up, The First Bad Man by Miranda July. You might remember July from this Portlandia skit, this movie (she wrote, directed, and starred), or this short story collection (of which I am a fan).

The book is.......weird, and uncomfortable, and funny, and I liked it a lot. I tore through it in a couple of evenings in bed, although it would have been a good beach or cottage read. Not because it's fluffy (that trope is boring), but because it's entertaining and fun.

I'm currently reading Binocular Vision by Edith Pearlman. To be honest, I'd never heard of Pearlman before, but this collection appeared on some "Best of..." list or other, and I decided to pick it up. I really had to switch gears for this book - 34 stories from across Pearlman's career. She creates vivid worlds in a handful of pages. Her writing is descriptive yet precise. It's incredible - I end most of the stories with a contemplative, "ah." A very thoughtful read thus far (I'm only about halfway through).

What are you reading lately?